A repository of digital media and projects by Liew Qi

About Me

Hello! Welcome to Sixseven Visions.


My name is Liew Qi, and I am from Singapore. Since my name in Mandarin sounded like the numbers 6 and 7, I got the nickname 67 for as long as I can remember. Sixseven was therefore the natural choice for my domain name.

I started learning about digital media when I joined my school's Computer Club in 2002. I "specialized" in Web Design. Aside from doing various school projects and competitions, I earned a little money from freelancing. $150 was a lot of money then for a 15 year old.

In high school (junior college), and subsequently university, computery designy stuff took a backburner. I pursued other activities such as hiphop, soccer, squash, and my Molecular Environmental Biology degree in the University of California, Berkeley. While I was in Cal, I took a Spider Biology class and fell in love with spiders, especially the charismatic Jumping Spider (Family: Salticidae). Their huge anime-like eyes which could see color and their amusing mating dances stole my heart. The logo for Sixseven Visions is my attempt to draw the frontal view of a Jumping Spider, although I am not entirely sure why I drew 3 tufts on top of its head.

I did reignite my interest in digital media when I joined Cal's Innovative Design club's artistic team. It was a good experience catching up with the latest fads in web design and also learning from other designers. I was not restricted by what I could code, as the talented coders would do the necessary support for whatever ideas I had. It was fantastic.

I have never really reached a decent level of proficiency with web design and coding, but I still like to play with various forms of digital media. As I am now outdoors a lot because of work, I like to spend some of my alone free time staying indoors and tinkering with my visual making tools. I like pretty visuals, and I like the little challenges which come with making a website work. Working on Sixseven Visions and random projects is my personal therapy.

Here are some of the tools I tinker with:


Some of my favorite photographs. I use a Nikon D3000 and do some post-processing with Photoshop.

Web Design

A collection of some websites I designed. I use Notepad, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

Digital Art

I used to play around with Terragen 0.9, and also some Photoshop for photomanipulations.


In my spare time, I like to create random websites, draw comics, and do science.

Capturing Suns I decided to put my growing collection of sunrise and sunset photos together in a separate gallery using thumbnail piles and some jQuery.
Tourist Chee I made an online travel journal for myself, but I never really had the time to update the content. Features an automatic slider as a header.
Not So Bright I was doing field research on fireflies as part of a work project. As a joke, I made a little comic to test the Flipbook Query effect.
Nectar Monitoring I worked with the Frankie lab and conducted research in the UC Berkeley Bee Garden. The aim was to measure nectar flow of flowers of various Salvia species and determine if bee visitation was correlated to variations in nectar flow.
Tangaroa Spiders I conducted research in Mo'orea, French Polynesia on local Tangaroa tahitiensis spiders. My aim was to determine if there were correlations between web characteristics and prey capture, and if web structure could be explained by the physiological state of the spider or its environmental conditions.